Black 1.0 100ml

Black 1.0 100ml

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These 103 colour shades are intermixable and you can make them either lightening or to acidic semi/demi permanent colours. As a hairdresser you can also decide if you want the colour to be fully opaque or fashionably translucent. You can also add character with 8 fashion shades. The colour is herbaly enriched with argan oil, black pearl powder, acai berries and Aloe Vera. The hair will be soft and shiny after colouring.


And more:


The colour concept helps reduce colourcosts

5step system quarantees desired endresult

Numbers and letters as colour codes

Total control over copigments/and dominating remaining pigments

Having blue, green and violet pigment in basecolours helps prevent undesired shades

Cool and warm brown inadditional shades.Simplifies making colour formuas

Onestep brepigmentation system. Helps make big colourchanges with just 5-20 minutes

Fast developing time due to low ammonia content

Every shade covers 100% gray hair.10VOL H202+20 minutes

Twostep activator.Helps to offer new unique service.

5,10,20,30,40 Vol activators

Created by chemists, cosmethologists and hairdressers. Based on thorough scientific research.

Colours can only be used after professional training!